Emotion Mining与Martec Group合作推出分析顾客情感的APP


    In the US, Emotion Mining Company has partnered with The Martec Group to launch a new mobile app, to help market research users capture consumers’ subconscious emotions.
    Satish JhaThe Emotion Mining Company has developed patented technology to capture and analyze those conscious and subconscious emotions that impact brand perception; while The Martec Group provides clients with intelligence derived from a methodology that also captures subconscious emotions. Through the partnership, the firms say that clients will be able to use the new app to explore the feelings of customers’ subconscious that cannot be verbally expressed, yet influence the decision making process and purchasing behavior.
    Emotion Mining Company Chairman & CEO Satish Jha (pictured) comments: ‘The launch of the app is a major milestone in the evolution of Emotion Mining. It will make market research surveys far easier as we focus our combined energies serving a broader range of customers with industry-leading market research that detects subconscious emotions.’

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