US firm MFour Mobile has announced the beta launch of its MYResearch DIY mobile survey technology, which enables researchers to program and field surveys to more than one million active consumers.
    DIY launch for MFourBased in Newport Beach, California MFour uses GPS technology to collect information at the 'point of emotion'; and offers the Surveys On The Go app, which provides access to an all-mobile panel. Last August, the firm introduced a tool called MediaMatch 360, which integrates media matching technology with measurement techniques for feedback on ads, broadcasts and videos.
    The new MYResearch tool allows users to design, program and launch their own surveys. Consumers are contacted in real-time by push notification, which the firm claims eliminates delays and provides immediate feedback. In addition, users can target specific demographics, set qualification questions and exact quotas to find hard-to-reach groups, while also reaching consumers in-store as they shop, using GPS technology.

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